Cover (1 page)  
Featuring: Daredevil
Credits: Pencils: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed) | Inks: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil (Bart Hill)  The Claw Insert

Comic Story (13 pages) The Return of Sniffer
Featuring: Daredevil
Synopsis: Daredevil uses young David Schmidt to infiltrate a Bund organization to get the goods on them and what they are up to before he mops up the house with them.
Credits: Script: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed) | Pencils: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed) | Inks: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil (Bart Hill) Sniffer Dick Schmidt Introduction Mr. Schmidt (Introduction) Mrs. Schmidt (Introduction) O'dooley Policeman Herr Herring (Villain)  Bundists (Villain) Introduction for all.

Comic Story (8 pages) Crippled Vengeance: Chapter Three
Featuring: Thirteen and Jinx
Synopsis: Thirteen, Jinx and Marie make it out of the burning house and to a car that they hope to make a get-away in, believing that King Questionmark has perished in the fire. But the King has survived and knocks over an armored car for the cash, accidently leaving one of his cronies behind for the Police to capture. Unfortunately for Thirteen and Jinx, King Questionmark busts Gobbels out of jail and the villain casts a bomb into the air.
Credits: Script: Dick Wood (signed) | Pencils: Bernard Klein [as Bernie Klein] (signed) | Inks: Bernard Klein [as Bernie Klein] (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Thirteen (Harold Higgins) Jinx (Darrel Creig) Marie Duvall Red (Armoured Car Driver Death) Mike (Armored Car Driver death} King Questionmark (Also as Mrs. Dodge (Villain) Hitler (Villain Introduction gangster) Goebbels (Villain) Introduction Gangster Lord Haw Haw (Villain) Introduction Gangster.

Comic Story (5 pages) South American Smasher
Featuring: Whirlwind the Blonde Bomber
Synopsis: Terry and Mickey decide to go into town to watch K.O. put the moves on a Mexican senorita, when the South American champ, Castelli, roughs K.O. and man-handles the girl. Terry decides to have it out with Castelli in a boxing ring...fair and square.
Credits: Script: Dick Wood [as Dick] (signed) | Pencils: Bernard Klein [as Bernie] (signed) | Inks: Bernard Klein [as Bernie] (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Whirlwind Terry Turner ( Mickey Warren World Boxing Champion K.O. Kelly Rosita Castelli (Villain Introduction South American Boxing Champion)

Comic Story (5 pages) Little Big Shot
Featuring: Nightro
Synopsis: Hugh is walking the streets when he sees two young boys pull a fast one on a grocer. After stopping them and repaying the grocer, and hoping to turn them from a life of crime, Hugh tells them the story of New York Benny.
Credits: Script: Dick Wood | Pencils: George Roussos | Inks: George Roussos
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Nightro Hugh Goddard Joe (Grocery Store OwnerTony New York Benny (Villain Introduction Flashback Death. Buggs (Villain Flashback)

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (2 pages) The New Silver Streak Bombshell
Featuring: Silver Streak Comics
Synopsis: Illustrated promtional centerfold advertisement for the new issue of Silver Streak Comics and some of the features inside.
Credits: Pencils: various | Inks: various
Characters: Silva Streak Unknown Taxi Cab Driver Captain Battle (Jonathan Hale hale Battle The Pirate Prince The Saint dickie Dean.

Comic Story (6 pages) Hollywood Sabotage
Featuring: Pat Patriot
Synopsis: Miss Patriot is invited on set to watch a new war movie being made called "Fight to Die," and meets the star of the movie, who has fallen for her. However, little does Pat know that the star of the film is in on a Nazi plot to sabotage the nearby aircraft plant.
Credits: Script: Charles Biro ?; Bob Wood ? | Pencils: Lin Streeter ?; Al Fagly ? | Inks: Lin Streeter ?; Al Fagly ?
Genre: superhero
Characters: Pat Patriot (Patricia Patrios Delznic Movie Producer Keef (guard On The Set) Mr. Reynolds Boys scout Leader Walter Mills (Villain Actor) Fritz Haubner (Villain Introduction Death)

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page) This Page Is Reserved for Sniffer
Featuring: Sniffer
Credits: Script: Charles Biro | Pencils: Charles Biro | Inks: Charles Biro
Characters: Sniffer

Comic Story (6 pages) The Oil Racketeers
Featuring: Real "Number One" American
Synopsis: When Jeff sees a friend of his being beaten up at a gas station, he wades into them, gives them a shellacking, and lets them go, not realizing they are criminals that had just committed a heist. Hiding out on an Indian reservation, Lefty sees a pool of oil on their land and buys it for $25,000...but he doesn't realize he has been taken!
Credits: Script: Dick Briefer (signed) | Pencils: Dick Briefer (signed) | Inks: Dick Briefer (signed)
Genre: Adventure
Characters: Bronze Terror Jeff Dixon Lawyer Fred (Gas Station Attendant) Lefty (Villain Introduction) Flaps (Villain Introduction)

Text Story (3 pages) Transpacific Tragedy
Credits: Script: Dick Wood (signed) | Letters: typeset
Genre: Adventure

Comic Story (7 pages) Who Is the Boar?
Featuring: London
Synopsis: While battling a criminal, Leslie saves London's life and thus makes headlines all over the world...headlines that reach Nazi Germany, where Hitler unleashes the first super-powered villain London has faced: The Boar.
Credits: Script: Jerry Robinson (signed) | Pencils: Jerry Robinson (signed) | Inks: Jerry Robinson (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: London (Marc Holmes) Leslie Holmes introduction A female Spy The Boar (Villain Introduction) Adolf Hitler (Villain) The Nazis (Villain)

Comic Story (7 pages) Case of the Missing Mayor
Featuring: The Claw versus The Ghost
Synopsis: After battling the Ghost and possibly killing him, the Claw disappears. But the Ghost is not dead and wonders why his enemy has vanished...until he hears that the Mayor has been kidnapped and would be murdered unless the city surrenders.
Credits: Script: Bob Wood (signed) | Pencils: Bob Wood (signed) | Inks: Bob Wood (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: The Claw Villain The Ghost (Brad Hendricks) Unnamed Mayor Adolf Hitler Villain Cameo Yong Villain.