Cover (1 page)  
Featuring: Daredevil
Credits: Pencils: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed) | Inks: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil (Bart Hill)  

Table Of Contents (1 page)  
Credits: Letters: typeset

Comic Story (13 pages) War
Featuring: Daredevil
Synopsis: Daredevil joins the Army Air Corps.
Credits: Script: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed) | Pencils: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed) | Inks: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Daredevil (Bart Hill) Captain field (First Appearance) Japanese (Villains) Tonis Saunders 

Comic Story (6 pages) The Bookie and the Baby
Featuring: Sniffer
Credits: Script: Charles Biro ? | Pencils: Carl Hubbell [as Hubbell] (signed) | Inks: Carl Hubbell [as Hubbell] (signed)
Characters: Sniffer A Bookie (First Appearance) Alexander (First Appearance. The Bookie's Son) Fingers Streeter And His Mob (First Appearance. Villains) 

Comic Story (6 pages) Dance For Democracy
Featuring: Pat Patriot
Synopsis: Pat is urged to help open up the new glamorous Diamond Room by playing the lead in the opening floor show, with all profits earmarked for government defense funding.
Credits: Pencils: Lin Streeter (signed) | Inks: Lin Streeter (signed)
Genre: Superhero
Characters: Pat Patriot (Patricia Patrios) Adrian Perfecto (dance Director. Introduction) Dottie Reynolds (Villain. Introduction) Nicklos Nattie (Villain. Introduction) Pertillo And His Gang (Villains. Introduction For All) 

Comic Story (6 pages) The Revenge of Bull Doorim
Featuring: Real American #1
Credits: Script: Dick Briefer (signed) | Pencils: Dick Briefer (signed) | Inks: Dick Briefer (signed)
Characters: Bronze Terror (Jeff Dixon) Bull Doorim (First Appearance. Villain. Death) Lilly June Tess 

Activity (2 pages) Play Slap the Jap!
Credits: Pencils: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed) | Inks: Charles Biro [as Biro] (signed)

Comic Story (7 pages) The Bacteria Bombs
Featuring: London
Credits: Pencils: Frank Volp [as Volp] (signed) | Inks: Frank Volp [as Volp] (signed)
Characters: London (Marc Holmes) Nazis (Villains) Francis Pauline Francois Leslie 

Comic Story (5 pages) The Irish Blitz
Featuring: Whirlwind
Credits: Script: Bob Montana | Pencils: Bob Montana | Inks: Bob Montana
Genre: Sports
Characters:  Whirlwind (Terry Turner (last Appearance) Michael Hogan (Irish Blitz) (First Appearance) Brady (First Appearance. Villain) Jackie

Comic Story (2 pages) In Africa
Featuring: Houdonnit
Credits: Script: Bob Montana [as Montana] (signed) | Pencils: Bob Montana [as Montana] (signed) | Inks: Bob Montana [as Montana] (signed)
Genre: Humor
Characters: Houdonnit

Text Story (2 pages) New York Under Fire
Featuring: Crimebuster
Credits: Script: Dick Wood | Letters: typeset
Characters: Crimebuster (Chuck Chandler) Crimebuster's Monkey 

Comic Story (7 pages) Death To the Allies!
Featuring: Claw
Credits: Script: Bob Wood (signed) | Pencils: Bob Wood (signed) | Inks: Bob Wood (signed)
Characters: Claw (Villain) Ghost (Brad Hendricks) Kloglo (Villain) Japanese (Villains) 

Text Article (1 page) The Niagara Falls
Featuring: Stamps
Credits: Script: Sidney M. Elias | Letters: typeset
Genre: Non-fiction

Comic Story (7 pages) Mystery of the Everglades: Ch. 1
Featuring: Thirteen and Jinx
Credits: Pencils: Bernard Klein | Inks: Bernard Klein | Letters: Joe Miller ?
Characters: Thirteen )Harold Higgins) Jinx (Darrel Creig) Jet (first Appearance Villain) 

Promo (ad From The Publisher) (1 page)  
Featuring: Boy Comics
Credits: Letters: ?; typeset
Characters: Crimebuster (Chuck Chandler) Bombshell Swoop Storm Pepper Casey 

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Featuring: Silver Streak Comics